Roy Chandra

Roy Chandra

Roy is one of our new "emerging artists" to join this year's expo in Sydney. He is the artist and owner of Snow Monkey Pottery in Sydney.

His ceramics span a number of different styles. Premier among them is  wheel-thrown pottery in the Japanese tradition including unique tableware, such as bowls, plates and cups in earthy muted tones.

However, his versatility extends to other forms such as colourful, hand-painted porcelain pieces, and slab-built cups and vases in a more contemporary style. In addition, he is also experimenting with more sculptural forms, such as balancing stones and columns.

Roy graduated with a Diploma in Ceramics from TAFE Northern Beaches in 2019 but has been practising and working with clay since 2014. He has been selected twice as a finalist for Craft NSW, Emerging artist, and held several group exhibitions at Claypool, Willoughby Art Centre and TAFE, Northern Beaches.

He has also been teaching pottery since 2017 until now at Parramatta Clay, North Sydney Community College, Gallery Lane Cove and several art and craft studios.

He has always been interested in production pottery and worked closely with 2 of Sydney's leading potters Malcolm Greenwood and Katherine Mahoney to learn more about the nitty gritty of running a production pottery in Sydney. 

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