Claymakers Calendar of Events

In 2022 we begin on our longer term plan to run "ceramics only" events in cities and towns around Australia throughout the year.  In our first year we have selected just three destinations, but as we move forward this will increase and will include regional towns and cities where we believe there are talented local potters and a customer base who love to buy and collect beautiful hand crafted pieces.  We have a very different objective for these events - we definitely want to showcase local artists work but also to invite and encourage potters from other regions to participate in these events, away from their home base. The aim is to provide customers with more choice and a variety of styles and artistic options and most importantly to enable potters to broaden their client base. 

We hope to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of this art form but most importantly also to enable artists to grow their clientelle and business on a national basis through access to new opportunities.  Whilst the distances are much greater here in Australia, and therefore the logistics are going to be a little more difficult, we want to build a network of ceramic events throughout the year which is similar in scope and diversity to those successfully run in the UK for many many years.

Fundraising - Potters for Potters

W are all getting together next weekend (4/5 June) for the 2022 Claymakers 2022 Claymakers Expo in Waverton, Sydney and it seemed to be a perfect time to raise some much needed funds to help our brothers and sisters in the Northern Rivers and the Hawkesbury Valley region. Many of them have lost their homes, their studios, their equipment (Including their kilns) and their work in progress. 
Hopefully you are coming to the Expo, if so we will ask you for a small donation when you come in ($5.00 per person) to help us with that. But if you cannot make it then here is an alternative way you can show your support to our talented artists, be they painters, potters, sculptors or musicians have been doing it tough the past few years, Our mission is to help the potters and ceramic artists - we need to show them love and support to encourage them to persevere through these difficult times.


Here is the 2022 Calendar.  

Location Venue From Date To Date  Registrations
Sydney Coal Loader Centre for  Sustainability 04 June 06 June Closed
Brisbane TBC 10th September 11th September Closed
Adelaide TBC 26th November 27th November Closed

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