Claymakers Calendar of Events

We began on our longer term plan to run "ceramics only" events in cities and towns around Australia in 2021 but our plans were delayed somewhat by the Pandemic. In the meantime we have established our annual event Claymakers events in Sydney.

We already have four confirmed dates for 2024 including our first event in Regional Australia in Orange. As we move forward we plan to increase this to include more regional towns and cities where we believe there are talented local potters AND a customer base who love to buy and collect beautiful hand crafted pieces.  We have a very different objective for these events - we definitely want to showcase local artists work but we also hope to encourage potters from other regions to participate in these events, away from their home base. The aim is to provide customers with more choice and a variety of styles and artistic options and most importantly to enable potters to broaden their client base. 

We hope to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of this art form but most importantly also help the artists to grow their clientelle and business on a national basis through access to new opportunities.  We want to build a network of high quality ceramic events throughout the year which are similar in scope and diversity to those successfully run in the UK for many years.



Here is the Calendar for 2024  

Location Venue From Date To Date  Stallholder Registrations Visitor Registrations
Sydney Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, Waverton 2 March 4 March***


Ticketing opens on 15/01/24
TBC** Orange NSW venue TBA 1 June 2 June



Sydney Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, Waverton 31 August 1 September


Ticketing opens on 01/06/24
Sydney Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, Waverton 30 November  1 December Open Ticketing opens 01/09/24

   **  we are currently working on a regional claymaker's expo in either Orange or Newcastle

*** We are planning for an additional, special trade day for this event