Our Pricing Strategy

Because our inventory is all hand crafted and produced by a diverse group of potters and ceramists ranging from experienced craftsmen to emerging artists it is very difficult to determine what you should pay for a particular item. Our pricing strategy is consistent across all potters, the differences in retail prices occur between similar work because of:

  • The quality and cost of the raw material used in the work.
  • The experience, craftsmanship and reputation of the Potter
  • The amount of time the work takes to complete
  • What the individual potter believes the work is worth

Living Clay Australia sources the finest craftsmanship, creativity and great design in exactly the same way that galleries do. We never suggest what a potter should charge for a specific piece of work. Our points of difference are that it must be functional, that it is accessible to all via modern day technology and that it can be purchased immediately via our website's online, secure transaction processing system